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How are you underestimating yourself?

Updated: Mar 29, 2021

It may sound like a random question, but do you know how to play chess? If not, what belief is stopping you? Personally, I'd always found chess intimidating. With messaging around the complexity of the strategies used in competitions and TV programs showing the skill required like 'The Queen's Gambit', I had convinced myself that it was a very complicated game and that it would take me a long time to learn it. My belief was

'I'm not smart enough'.

Then one day last week, I asked my 10 year old son if he'd teach me. He set up the board and patiently listed the rules and the moves each of the pieces could make. He answered all my clarifying questions and I wrote it all down on a scrap piece of paper. Then we started to play. After one game, I never looked at the paper again and found myself playing chess. I was surprised and delighted! By the third game, I had won! The competitor in me was thrilled and I was hooked! But I was also a bit annoyed with myself that I had lived my life till now without the great game of chess!

How had that happened? I had totally over estimated the game and totally underestimated my own capability to learn. This is something I frequently see happen with the clients I coach. Self limiting beliefs hold people back from fulfilling their potential. It's a topic we work through together until they get to the point where they chose to modify their belief and thereby open themselves up to new perspectives and possibilities.

My personal learning? I am far more capable than I realise!:) In concentrating so much on my clients recently, I had briefly forgotten that I'm human too. That I'm on my own personal growth journey and I too have more beliefs to explore, challenge and modify so they serve me better. My new modified belief is

'I really enjoy challenging myself to learn new things'

What story are you telling yourself about something you 'can't' do? Does anyone else have a similar learning experience you'd like to share? Or another thing you could suggest I try out next?

P.S. That is our chess board and our dog, Hunter, in the picture. I think he wants a go too:)


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