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common challenges

For me, Emotional Intelligences starts and ends with 'Self-Awareness'. Firstly, because If you don't understand what's going on within yourself, what chance do you have of understanding or interacting well with others? And secondly, when you can get to grips with and accept your own thoughts, emotions & triggers, only then can you start learn the skill of 'Self Management' and how to manage your responses, behaviour & mindset. 

The other challenge is build your 'Social Awareness' i.e. to understand how another person experiences the world, what their perspectives & experiences are i.e. what it's like to 'be in their shoes'. If you can learn to do that authentically and understand the environment in which they operate, then you can enhance your ability to show empathy. Being able to see the world from someone else's perspective is critical to building and managing relationships, inspiring & developing others, managing conflict & optimising collaboration & teamwork. 

However, we are complex and unique human beings so all this is easier said than done! Something that I frequently come across with clients, is that their challenges originate from, or are related to, their emotional intelligence. Here are some sample experiences that can impact a person's ability to be successful, happy & fulfilled;

  • Certain people, behaviour or situations trigger your emotions  - but you don't understand why or how to best respond 

  • People think you are confident - but on the inside, your self-belief is low and you frequently doubt yourself​​

  • You know how you feel & think - but you don't feel comfortable expressing yourself or communicating assertively

  • You get on with some people - but you find it hard to build & maintain relationships and tend to operate independently

  • Sometimes decisions making is easy - but other times you act too quickly, lose objectivity or allow your emotions to play a lead role 

  • Change is constant and challenges are plentiful - you find this stressful, your wellbeing suffers and your outlook can be bleak


  • On paper, your life looks great and you 'should' be happy - but you don't feel happy and you wonder what's going on


The good news is that Emotional Intelligence, unlike IQ, is just another skill that, with some effort and coaching support, can be developed and improved over time with amazing results for you and the people around you!

Emotional Intelligence is proven to be a key indicator of human performance and development. People with higher in EI communicate more effectively and form strong relationships that drive engagement, motivation & commitment.

EQ-i measures 5 distinct aspects of emotional and social functioning:

  1. Self Perception

  2. Self Expression

  3. Interpersonal

  4. Decision Making

  5. Stress Management

Plus 15 subscales that hone in on EI skills critical to workplace success.

Professionals seek me out to work with them to help them to:

- get clarity on how their emotions are showing up

- understand how they are impacting their behaviour and perspectives

- design strategies for action to address their challenges ​​​

what EI assessment is right for you?

An EQ-i assessment is an excellent way to get a picture of how you show up and operate emotionally, your areas of strength and potential areas for development. I offer powerful EI self assessments or 360 assessments to help leaders, individual contributors and teams understand and strengthen their EI capabilities. 

I combine the individual self assessments with 1-1 Coaching sessions into coaching packages. See examples below. 

However, I can customise packages to address your specific requirements, so please reach out to discuss your challenges & goals.

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