Business Mentoring & Coaching - June 2021

LC, CEO and Co-founder of 67 Degrees


"I've been working with Vicki for a couple of months and I can honestly say that it has been the best decision I have made. Vicki is an incredible listener and with a vast amount of experience she is able to offer advice in all aspects of business. From creating a business plan one day to helping me tackle a problem within the business the next, Vicki is able to adapt to any situation.

"I have worked with several business coaches in the past and Vicki has played the biggest part in my own personal development."

Professional, knowledgeable, encouraging and inspiring, I would have no hesitation in recommending Vicki to anyone."

Coaching - May 2021

Anonymous, Business Leader


"I was introduced to Vicki through a workshop on 'Re-imagining your career'. In this workshop, so much of what she discussed resonated with me that I reached out to her for 1-1 coaching. From our first session, Vicki was able to distil valuable insights and common themes from what I told her about previous experience and current challenges. Vicki is very relatable and connects easily through shared real-life examples from her own career, and constructive challenging. One of her key skills is effective listening and this ensured I got the most out of each session because we could adapt the coaching plan to address what was top of mind or a work event I was facing that week."


"Through our sessions I gained a lot of perspective and she helped me bring about key changes. I wish I had met Vicki earlier in my career and I will definitely reach out to her again." 

Coaching - Apr 2021

VF, Product Manager, ResMed


"I sought Vicki out as a coach to help me to communicate more assertively, to enhance my leadership skills and to achieve a better work life balance. I found Vicki’s approach and style very compatible with my own. From our first meeting, I felt I could be open with her and we developed trust quickly. This enabled me to get the most out of our sessions as I was able to be vulnerable early on. I also found Vicki's own corporate and leadership experience really beneficial and I believe I learnt and grew a lot as a result of her coaching. 


"I learnt how to express myself authentically. I am also more confident in my decision making as I have clarity on my goals and values. I understand my engagement style and can manage conflict more readily. And I'm more comfortable declining or saying no to things I don’t really want to do." 


I'm very satisfied with the program - I found it so helpful! I would, and have already, recommended Vicki to work colleagues, mentees, friends and relatives." 

Business Mentoring & Coaching - Apr 2021

FN, CEO & Founder of StoryTracks 


"Vicki is an incredibly talented and thought provoking coach; she is extremely perceptive and insightful."

"I felt she went above and beyond and was invested in supporting my own personal growth as well as the growth of the company." 

Business Mentoring & Coaching - Feb 2021

JK, Director Elite Gyms Ltd. 


"Operating three businesses in the Health & Fitness sector 2020 has been extremely challenging. Moving into 2021, I knew I needed some help to adapt and pivot to the unique challenge and to gain some clarity around exactly what I wanted. What I expected to be very straight forward coaching quickly changed into something very unexpected. 


"Vicki helped me totally shift my perspective from always looking outward to reflecting inward. She created a space which allowed me to learn about myself and express vulnerability, compassion and empathy which didn’t come easy. As a result I’ve redefined exactly what I want for my business and how I’ll get it. I’m again passionate and excited for this new vision and the future." 

I can honestly say without Vicki’s help I wouldn’t have taken action on new business opportunities. If you’re reading this now… do yourself a favour, click the button below and book a call with Vicki. I guarantee you’ll be better off after working together."

Business Mentoring & Coaching - Oct 2020

SD, Founder of Rise Up Women


"As someone starting a new business by myself, finding a coach that I trusted to support me on this journey was fundamental. Vicki has a very practical way of thinking about things, that helped calm me at times when I felt completely overwhelmed. She also challenged me to dig deeper into certain blocks that were holding me back from what I wanted.


"Her excellent business acumen combined with her coaching expertise has had such a profound effect on me and my business model." 

I could not recommend working with Vicki enough, she is a true expert in her field and genuinely cares about her clients. I am very grateful to have had the opportunity to work together."

Coaching - April 2020

DM, Managing Director of McBreen Environmental


"As a business owner, having a coach that I trust is key! Working with Vicki allowed me to openly speak out about anything that was weighing heavily on my mind. Vicki was always alert, focused and 100% of her attention was on me. I believe she was more tuned in to me than I was myself sometimes.

"As a result of the coaching program, I am more confident in my capabilities and decision making. I structure my working week to have more impact and my empathy for my team has increased another level." 

I'd highly recommend Vicki as a coach to other business owners or leaders!" 

Coaching - March 2020

LD, Head of Marketing, Foxtel

"From our first session, Vicki built trust with me and I felt very comfortable opening up to her. I felt she really knew what she was doing. Her real world experience showed in how she approached things and how she presented herself. Vicki quickly gained a strong understanding of who I am and where I wanted to get to. She was great at listening and also challenging my outlook on things. I always felt clarity and more empowered after our sessions.

"By the end of the program, I had become more confident and more content with life. I had more gratitude and resilience and my perspectives had changed to better serve me."

Overall, I was very satisfied with the coaching program. I really enjoyed the whole experience of working with Vicki and I believe I benefited from it thoroughly!"

Coaching - February 2020

AK, HR Manager, Celestica

"My experience of working with Vicki as a coach was extremely positive. From early on, I knew she had my back and believed in me. I felt that she wanted me to achieve my goals as much as I did...and sometimes more! Her belief in me and my ability to change, to try something new, to take a risk, to be brave, helped hugely in my confidence to do so. Vicki is a great listener but also she has a keen sense of the need for action and this I see as one of her main strengths as a coach.

"She helped me not only to clarify my goals and what I wanted to change, but also how I could get nearer to achieving them, by coaching me on options and increasing my awareness on barriers that may need to be overcome."

Vicki is both professional and personable and I would highly recommend her as a coach!"