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Today's job market is more challenging and complex than ever before. However, the fundamentals of what provides career satisfaction have remained relatively stable. We seek out opportunities to use our skills and knowledge to do something meaningful; for financial stability and reward; to gain recognition & status; for social and belonging purposes; and for personal and professional growth. When any of these elements are missing, we can quickly feel dissatisfied with work and start thinking it's time to go somewhere else. 

The reality though is that if you don't get to the root cause of your dissatisfaction and do what's within your control to improve it, you may just take the problem with you to a new team or company and be no better off. Figuring out how to address challenges with a growth mindset is a better way forward.

If you want to develop yourself and progress within your company or find your next career chapter, then career coaching can help you get clarity on your goals and support you to pursue your ambitions with confidence! 

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HOW I can partner with you

As your coach, I'll use proven tools & techniques that will help you clarify your ambitions, explore your options and decide the best course of action for you & your life.


Dream it! Decide it! Do it! 

Some sample topics we could explore in our sessions are: 


What do you really want to spend your time working on and what makes that so important to you? 


What type of people do you want to work with & learn from?  


When you go to work, how will you utilise your skills and strengths? What does a great day look like? 


Will you grow within your current company or is there a different opportunity elsewhere?


What will it take for you to achieve your career goals? 


What are the milestones and timelines you are ready to set yourself and hold yourself accountable to?


How committed are you to putting the effort in to make the changes needed in order for you to fulfill your career ambitions? If something is holding you back, are you ready to do the work to overcome those obstacles? 


Your career development coaching program will be:

- done via video conferencing

- sessions are 1 hour on average

- a minimum of 4 sessions in order to get the best results

Your coaching program will be designed with your unique goals, availability and vision in mind. It will be cognisant of your company's culture, philosophy and HR policies and L&D practices.

I am trustworthy, impartial, in your corner and passionate about helping you be successful in your career & in life! 

Please reach out to me to start a conversation about how you can invest in yourself for the future.

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Anonymous, Project Manager

"I cannot say enough positive things about Vicki. Our coaching sessions gave me so much confidence, clarity and tools."
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