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common challenges

Facilitating an offsite/onsite, strategic planning, or conflicted group takes skill, energy, and experience. While some organizations have the capabilities internally to self facilitate team sessions, the organisational culture, people's personality styles, misaligned goals and time management can come into play and can derail a well-intended group session. 

Some common challenges to overcome are:

1. To do the required preparation to design a well thought out and engaging agenda that is fit for purpose

From the outset, when groups of people are being pulled away from the business operations, time and effort needs to be invested in nailing the session's purpose, agenda & process. Aligning goals to the business priorities and getting key stakeholder input will result in an agenda designed to deliver results.

2. To provide a safe space that nurtures the company and human values e.g. innovation, diversity & inclusion

To make diverse and x-functional teams effective, ground rules need to be established upfront, appropriate input needs to be sought at all stages of the process, relationships nourished, conflict managed sensitively and everyone's voice heard & capabilities utilised. 

3. To host and facilitate a session that is focused on the 3 key elements of 'debate, decide, deliver'

Effective and productive meetings achieve the appropriate balance of time and emphasis across these 3 elements. Clarity is created around roles and responsibilities, on who's being asked for input, who the decision makers are, who owns the delivery plan and alignment on SMART goals for each agenda item.


If cohesion, problem solving and outcomes are some of the key measures of success of your team session, hiring me as your facilitator is worth considering.

As a seasoned leader, I will collaborate with you to co-design and deliver tailor-made team sessions that are more inclusive, focused, innovative, fun & productive! 


Together we will engage the team to design the future, generate energy, stay focused on the big picture, make key strategic decision, and build ownership across the organisation. Team sessions are less likely to be boring, frustrating, or wasteful.​

As an impartial professional, I will guide the room through conversations, speak your language and keep you on track. I'm objective and can see things an insider cannot. I can also manage conflict and ask the questions in a way that a leader may not. 
Please reach out to me to arrange an exploratory conversation on how we could work together.

Eimear Mannion, CEO, St. Aidan's Services 

“I engaged Vicki to help me present a Strategic Plan to the Board of Directors of our Charity. Her contribution was amazing!

She led me through a thought process of distilling all the possible areas needing focus into the key strategic priorities. She then challenged me re-package the priorities into a much more succinct and relatable format.

So, we now have Strategic Plan with real focus, summarised in a catchy phrase that all our stakeholders can grasp. She was a pleasure to work with and I can’t recommend her highly enough.”

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