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common challenges

Whether you're just starting out on your leadership journey or you're a seasoned executive, there are some common pitfalls that can get in the way of your success, drain your energy and leave you feeling dissatisfied. 

  • You have become a new leader but have been thrown in the deep end without adequate training and support.

    • You're figuring out how to lead a team as you go, learning by your mistakes and potentially damaging your personal brand along the way.

  • Your career development is stagnating or you're plateauing at a certain level.

    • You're doing ok but you feel 'stuck' in your job &/or company. You're find it hard to meet or exceed expectations. You want to fulfil your potential within your current position or move on to a new opportunity.

  • You have imbalance within your leadership skill set.

    • You have played to your strengths and it's done wonders for your career...until now. You've identified that there are some key skills you need to develop in order to be more impactful, collaborative & inspiring.

  • You have one dominant leadership style and haven't learnt to flex to others yet. 

    • While your leadership style has its merits and has got you to where you are today, your over-reliance on it is not working for the people you serve or work with and it's holding you back from achieving more. 


  • You are unhappy in your role but you don't know how to change things.

    • The demands, the pressure, the politics, the conflicts etc., is taking its toll on you personally.  You're so deep in it that you can't see the wood for the trees and don't have the time to figure out how to make things better. ​


Executives and leaders seek me out to work with them to create solutions for their challenges so they can move forward.

No two people are the same so each program is tailored to the individual. You bring the content and I manage the process.  Some approaches I use to support your growth are to:

  • Get to the root of the issue

    • Identifying the source(s) of your challenges


  • Build your self-awareness 

    • Understanding what's really going on with you and why you think , feel & behave the way you do today. Understanding others perceptions of you.

  • Assess your leadership/management performance criteria

    • Identifying the soft & hard skills you need to learn​

  • Re-connect you with yourself and your 'why'

    • Exploring your beliefs, values, passions etc. to clarify your motivation

  • Build your emotional intelligence & leadership knowledge

    • Understanding others is key to managing relationships

    • Learn how to lead authentically & flex your style 

  • Re-imagine and re-define your future goals

    • Setting clear goals that are aligned to your values & purpose and will deliver what you truly want​

  • Own the change you want to see

    • Plan how and when you're going to experiment with these changes & how you'll measure success


Do you think asking for help is a sign of weakness? Are you 'faking it till you make it' but suffer silently with imposter syndrome? Our beliefs can be self- limiting if we don't understand them. Our saboteurs and our negative self-talk can dominate our thinking, if we don't get a handle on them. What's holding you back from achieving your goals? 


But you don't have to figure things out by yourself. The same way you might invest in a gym membership to support health goals , or invest in clothes or cosmetics to enhance your appearance, I invite you to invest in your personal and professional growth and start getting results that will make you feel happier overall.

My coaching programs facilitate executives to dedicate the required time to stop and reassess themselves and their aspirations. I provide a confidential safe space to explore work and personal topics impacting you. 

Your coaching program will be tailored to:

- whatever stage of career you're at  

- your objectives for the program

- specifically address obstacles hindering your success

- your company culture, values, priorities and performance criteria

- your timescale and availability

Please get in touch today to arrange a no-obligation exploratory conversation.

Penny, Head of Procurement, CRH

"Her style worked very well for me as she is both gentle and tough. She pursued areas that I wanted to avoid and helped me to see what I needed to. She challenged me in every session and it was always so positive and constructive and ultimately helped me to grow."
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