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Starting your own business is scary! People's fears stop them from taking the first step. They also stop them from trying again when things don't work out first time or quickly enough. They stop them from embracing the adventure and really going for it!

There's the simple but very powerful fear of failure. The psychological fear of being judged - what will others think? Or judging ourselves - what makes me think I have what it takes to start or run a business? On the journey there will be real & imagined pressures from others and ones you put on yourself to be successful. Your ability to believe in yourself, to be vulnerable, determined and brave will all be tested time & time again.

Then there's rational or practical fears - What if I don't make an income? What if I risk my savings and end up with nothing? You also know you'll have to work super hard and it's all on that'll mean trading off other things that are important to you, for a while at least.

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Starting your own business will push you far outside your comfort zone. Few people are masters of every business skill, so it's normal to feel inadequate and to question if you have the skills, experience, mindset and resources it takes to start or grow a business. 

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I'm not trying to scare you but the bottom line is that if the journey to building your successful business doesn't fill you with fear, then something isn't right! But it's like facing any big adventure - you can choose to focus on the fear, or you can adopt a positive mindset and focus on how amazing the experience will be!

You can bury your head in the sand or you can face your fears head on. Successful business people have 'an entrepreneurial spirit'. It's a mindset that embraces change, innovation and questioning. They have self belief, grit, courage, resilience, hard work & a healthy attitude to risk.


Yes, you need a great product or service to go to market with, but you are critical to that offering so let's overcome whatever is really holding you back from starting or scaling your business!

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Entrepreneurs and small business owners partner with me to create a successful new business or to improve their current business.

For people starting their own business, some objectives could be;

  • Clarify your motivation & purpose 

  • Size & mould your business idea

  • Clarify your audience, their challenges & needs

  • Define your niche(s) product/service offering

  • Identify your strengths, capabilities & your skills gap

  • Address your fears & build your self-belief

  • Tap into your resources & support network

  • Decide your monetisation strategy

  • Experiment & hone your sales & marketing strategies

  • Draft your Biz Plan & commit to your key milestones

For current business owners, it could also include goals like;

  • Re-imagine & re-define your goals​

  • Review & refine your product/service offering

  • Uplevel your sales & marketing strategies

  • Identify & address revenue leakage &/or inefficiencies 

  • Trouble-shoot people management challenges

  • Go from sole-trader status to hiring a team


Your business mentoring program will be:

- done via video conferencing

- sessions are 1 hour on average

- a minimum of 4 sessions in order to get the best results

Your mentoring program will be designed with your unique goals, availability and vision in mind. It will be cognisant of how developed your business is, your attitude to risk and your business offering.

I am trustworthy, impartial, in your corner and passionate about helping you build a successful business! 

You don't have to journey alone. Please reach out to start a conversation about how you can invest in yourself and your future.


Damien, CEO 

"As a business owner, having a coach that I trust is key! Working with Vicki allowed me to openly speak out about anything that was weighing heavily on my mind."
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