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Today, on average, Irish women are over 30 years old when they have their first child and there is a high proportion who start their family in their 40s compared with other nations. This is also exactly when women's careers are taking off and they're really contributing to organisations. Gender diversity has been proven to positively impact company performance, and yet support for women during this critical change is still very limited. 

Women seek me out to support them in managing their careers before, during & after maternity leave. Some common challenges they want to get ahead of are: 

- Managing personal brand & perception 

- Making choices that optimise for harmony across work, family & life

- Setting and managing boundaries between career & family life

- Managing change, ambiguity & self-care

- Managing the responsibilities of raising a child with a partner or alone

- Accessing resources & support available to parents

Traditionally, parenting and its impact in the workplace has been seen as a female domain, but that's slowly changing. New fathers also need support to navigate the extra demands on their time, they may have career orientated partners to support, and they want to be hands-on in raising their children.

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Because there are many different variables at play, every person's experience of becoming a parent is unique.


My 1-1 Maternity Coaching Program is invaluable for women to plan for and best manage this significant life change. And my 1-1 Paternity Coaching Program is for men who also want to fully embrace fatherhood without it negatively impacting their career.

As a woman who has first first hand experience of juggling career and motherhood, you may think I have all the answers by now but I don't!:) I'll only give you advice if I think it'll be of benefit to you.


Instead, as a professional coach, I'll use proven tools and techniques that will help you clarify your goals, explore your options and decide the best course of action for you & your family. 


During my coaching programs, you will figure out how you will;

  • Get to grips with the impact and meaning of this life change 

  • Reassess your priorities & address challenges upfront

  • Confidently engage with your Manager, HR & team

  • Design a work coverage plan & a personal baby plan

  • Find solutions to practical issues like childcare, sick cover etc.

  • Define roles & responsibilities at home

  • Manage ambiguity & change in work while on maternity

  • Look after yourself at every phase of becoming a parent

  • Be prepared for the unexpected


Whether you're a mum or dad-to-be, or you're already a parent, don't leave things to chance. Designing a personal work/life plan and executing against it will put you in control, reduce your stress, and optimise the outcomes for you, your family & your company!

Your maternity/paternity coaching program will be:

- done via video conferencing

- sessions are 1 hour on average

- a minimum of 3 sessions in order to get the best results

Your coaching program will be designed with your unique goals & challenges in mind. It will be cognisant of your company's culture and policies around maternity, paternity & flexible work practices.

I am trustworthy, impartial, in your corner and passionate about helping you be both successful in your career & happy as a parent! 

Please reach out to start a conversation about how you can invest in yourself & your family for the future.

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